Growing Wealth

Starting A Business

Starting a business is a decision that comes with almost unlimited opportunity and tremendous anxiety. An entrepreneur must make countless decisions as they pursue their dream. To what extent should personal resources be invested in the business? Are investors needed? What kinds of financing make sense? How should the business be structured?

As those decisions are made, there are still countless other concerns. What can be done to protect assets? How can personal liability be minimized? What are the tax implications of the new business?

With wise counsel and planning, you can dramatically increase the likelihood that your business will succeed. Tate Financial can help you build a business that is adaptable to change, prepared to handle risk, and ready to grow.

Paying For College

Education costs are rising, so it is increasingly important to have a plan in place for college expenses. Whether you are considering a 529 plan or another option for saving, it is important to think about your educational goals, tax implications, and flexibility. A Tate Financial Advisor can review all of the factors that affect your college savings plan and develop a strategy that aligns with your goals.

Tate Financial will guide you in defining academic goals against the backdrop of the rising costs. We will help you understand common tactics like strategic borrowing and leveraging retirement savings so that you can understand the implications that they could have for your financial situation.


Living well means giving back. No matter the resources available to you, no matter your circumstance, you can include giving in your financial plans. Identify the charitable causes that most resonate with your personal values and include them in your budget and estate planning. Wealth is more than just money. It’s your values. Tate Financial understands this and will protect your deeply held beliefs throughout your investment strategies and your financial planning.