About Us

Tate Financial Partners was founded in 2023 with the vision to help clients use their resources, including their investment portfolio, to positively impact their homes, their community, and our world.  John Tate uses his experience in working with non-profits, churches, and the financial services industry to find a better way to serve clients. The result is a client-focused, independent, fee-based, fiduciary firm that is centered on helping clients achieve the purpose and peace that is found in living their life aligned with their deepest held values.

Who We Serve

Our clients consist of individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofits across the country with the purpose of helping them to be good stewards of all they have been entrusted with.

How We Serve

We serve our clients as fee-based, independent fiduciaries. This means we do not charge commissions and we always put the interests of the client above our own.

For individuals and families: When clients initially hire us, we get to know them on a deep level and create an initial financial plan and investment strategy built around their values and goals. Once the plan is implemented, we monitor the plan actively and update the plan by speaking with clients quarterly unless client prefers otherwise.

For nonprofits/churches: These institutions hire us for both retirement plan (403b) consulting and institutional money management. We have the ability to offer values-based investing for both, so the investments of the organization are aligned with its mission.

For businesses: We consult on retirement plans (401k) and offer values-based investing in the plans for employees to participate in.

What We Charge

We charge an asset management fee for both financial planning and investment management. We treat our clients the way we would want to be treated. That means we charge a reasonable fee with full transparency, so you know exactly how much you are paying for our services.